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The facts about underweight. A person is considered underweight if his or her body mass index (BMI) falls below a certain threshold (body mass index is a measure determined by a person's age, height, and weight). For infants and children, a BMI below the 10th percentile for a specific age indicates an individual who is underweight. For adults, a BMI below 19.1 for females and 20.7 for males is considered underweight. A BMI of 17.5 indicates an individual is very underweight. Individuals who are underweight are at high risk for malnutrition . Being underweight can affect growth and development , and it can cause infertility or delayed menstruation. It can also result in fatigue , irritability, and a lack of concentration, as well as impairing the body's ability to thermoregulate itself. Due to a decreased immune response, underweight individuals are less resistant to infections and disease. It is recommended that underweight individuals gain one pound per week until an appropriate weight is reached. This can be accomplished by consistently (daily) increasing one's intake of calorically denser foods (i.e., nuts instead of pretzels), eating more frequently, and drinking fluids between meals rather than with meals. Nah tu dia facts about underweight. Faham tak? Faham tak?? Ok. Do check you BMI now dear. I dulu BMI mmg tak lepas 20 pun. Tapi itu dulu la. Baru sekarang i dapat berat badan ideal. Its not easy to maintain the weight for me, because my metabolisme too high. I eat a lot but still underweight. I even stress when people keep on asking me and tell me the same 'why so skinny???'. Owhhh. Sorry people i've no answer lorh. For the girls yang rasa badan anda macam papan,kalau ditiup angin kencang bagai melayang-layang, dont worry sayang. Its normal. Even makan banyak tapi badan tak nak naik tu, just keep on eating je. So many factor yang buat anda tak gemuk even makan macam bela saka. Haha. Below i give the step for this matter Step 1 of 5 Consult a physician to determine if your weight problem is related to malnutrition, food intolerance or food allergies. You may be underweight because your body cannot absorb nutrients properly, or you may have medical issues that prevent weight gain. Your physician will determine the best way to cure or treat any medical condition. If your physician determines that your weight isn't due to a medical condition, address your caloric intake and dietary patterns. Step 2 of 5 Create a food journal to determine your current calorie intake. Record every meal and snack consumed to find the average amount of calories and foods you're ingesting daily. Add 500 calories to your daily caloric consumption. Step 3 of 5 Weigh yourself after a week to see if you gain weight. Increase calories by 500 to 1,000 per day every week, if you do not gain weight. Step 4 of 5 Eat nutritious and energy-dense foods. Aim for foods that contain vitamins, minerals and healthy macronutrients and that are high in calories. Increase your intake of whole grain complex carbohydrates such as pasta. Add nuts and dried fruits to your diet. A healthy diet can increase your lean body weight. Obtain your protein from fish and chicken sources. Step 5 of 5 Remove processed foods like white sugar and flour from your diet. Stop drinking coffee, alcohol and soda. Reduce your intake of milk products. Eating these foods can add unwanted fat to your body as you gain weight. Ok. Meh cik rda syuhada analyze sikit the step tu ea.. For step 1 , i done for it. Since before i masuk UiTM pun i did consult with the doctor for this skinny problem. The same answer did i hear from 3 to 4 doctor yang i jumpa, " adik nanti kawin gemuk la ". Klise la jawapan tu. Nak je aku tanye doctor kawin tu macam mane boleh buat gemuk? Kalau aku tanya soalan macam tu mau doktor tu bukak kelas biologi untuk aku. Hahahaha. Actually its all about your metabolisme. U makan banyak mana pun tapi badan susah naik. So kalau ikut cara i, i makan je bila-bila masa i lapar. Tapi never skip your breakfast. I dulu selalu la skip breakfast. Tapi since someone said to me " promise u will never skip your breakfast after this". Start dari situ i never skip breakfast and alhamdulillah, its work. You feel energetic sikit bila makan pagi taw. Step 2, i'm not that type lorh. Nak makan tengok kalori makanan dulu. Owhhhh.... What was that? Ambik kalkulator kire dulu baru makan. Erghhhh... Makan je la. Nak kira kalori jadahnye... Haha. For me as long as halal, berkhasiat, bersih then siap masuk dalam perut la. Step 3. I check weight kalau terjumpa penimbang berat tu je la since kat rumah tak ade alat penimbang tu. Bukan mahal sangat benda alah tu, tapi i rasa benda tu tak penting sangat, so tak payah beli. (Cara2 jimat duit. Huhu). Normally after 2 3 weeks bru i timbang berat or others is bila ada orang tegur i nampak berisi, then i timbang la. Biasa adik i la selalu tegur,. " asal seluar ketat sangat","eh macam dah kena tambah satu size je..". For step 4 and 5, i just eat what i like. No limitation. I ade la ambik vitamin tapi tak consistent la. The best way yang i rasa senang naik berat badan is, when breakfast u makan berat like nasi lemak. Memang berlemak-lemak la. Pagi dah makan nasi lemak pastu ngantuk.haha. minum milo ok pagi2. Then lunch makan nasi juga. Lauk u balance la tapi amal la makan sayur jugak. Petang just eat junk food la tapi i petang after balik kerja, now on i memang suka makan nasi jugak or mee or yang seangkatan dengannya. Then dinner nasi juga. And the bad habit is, i used to eat nasi once again at midnight before sleep. So lepas makan pukul 12am tu plus minum milo, memang lena la tidur. Fuhhh. Hidup dengan nasi je. Memang orang melayu tak boleh tak makan nasi. Yeahhh. Saya melayu tulen yang memang tak boleh hidup tanpa nasi. Hehehhe. So, if u are underweight,dont worry. Whatever it is do consult doctor taw then baru u try other way. Tak payah segan kalau uolls kurus sangat, just need to be more confident on yourself. If rasa down sangat sebab anda kurus melidi, try think positive or say something that give u spirit like; "Orang kurus boleh pakai apa saja yang dorang suke, kau boleh ke????" Its sounds mean but that way it built your confident. "Orang kurus boleh makan apa saja, kalau tak berape kurus boleh ke makan chocolate, cheese cake, nasi berpinggan2??." REMEMBER THIS, BE YOURSELF AND CONFIDENT Sekian entry kali ini. Hope tidak menyinggung mana2 pihak cause saya hanya berkongsi untuk kaum hawa yang mempunyai masalah seperti saya. #underweight#BMI#Confident#metabolisme Lots of love, Rda Syuhada Azmi


  1. Pernah terbaca ade orang minum air nasik untuk tambah berat badan?
    Erk rasa tak lalu la pulak.. tapi boleh lah cuba.


    Kurus sangat pon tak cantik, gemuk sangat pon x cantik..
    makan sihat, berat optimum, BMI ok, LDL ok, HDL ok, insyaAllah sihat.

    Salam perkenalan

    1. Saya pun pernah terbaca. Tapi tak pernah try lagi. Nak dptkan berat ideal memang susah . Anyway tq share tip. Hehe.
      Salam perkenalan juga sis