Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fabulous !!!

Rda Syuhada has turn over a new leaf. Hehe. This entry bukan nak mengangkat diri sendiri. Just want to share with you all sayang. Seriously I'm the easiest person to talk to, jarang melenting and politically correct. I speaks my mind and jarang mahu berselindung. What you see is definitely what you get. Grand!  I'm not fake. For me, kita harus kekal true pada jati diri kita, usahlah mengubah diri untuk cuba fit in atau menjadi plastik di depan orang lain. Be yourself and let the others know who we really are. Sometimes kita terlalu mahu menjadi orang lain, so that people will like us. Ohhh.. that was terrible. Terima la diri kita seadanya. Kan lagi OK cam tu. 
I want to live my life to the max. Enjoying everything I've worked so hard for. You all pun should be like this. Barulah orang akan pandang tinggi kat kita. Be a super duper women in this world. A girl should stand on their own feet. Got it??
I'm a private person. Tak suka nak mencanang beriye-iye ( dam dim dum ) with whom I'm dating. A girl should never disclose who their dating. Bukan mahu berselindung, tapi kalau betul-betul dah jadi barula share dengan orang. I speak based on my own experience k. Every girl needs some mystery you know. Malu la kalau dah iye-iye cerita, last-last tak jadi. Hurmmm. Think about it la dear. 
Fashion?? I dressed wearing what I like. Labels not really important for me. Some of the girl outside suka sangat nak tiru their friends. Ape yang kawan die ade, that she should have too. No need la sayang. Berfesyen tu boleh and bagus, tapi tengok kemampuan diri and your personality jugak. Tau tau tau. I pun love my labels, tapi tak memilih sangat as long as it makes me look good and I am happy. 
I am proud and thankful to be myself. You all pun should proud of yourself jugak. Everyone ada kelebihan diri masing-masing. Try la find on your own what your talent. So.... BE A GOOD GIRL. Insyaallah it really worth to be the real yourself.